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The first "tough toy" was created when we adopted a 2-year old mastiff, Lucy, in late 2017. We quickly learned that she loved to tear up her toys. Tired of her destructive habits, John, her volunteer firefighter owner, went to the fire department and got her a piece of firehose. To our surprise, she played with it and it lasted!

In 2020, our Newfoundland, Bobo, sadly passed away from old age. Right after, Maia, Bobo's best friend and owner, was accepted into the Montgomery CEO program. She knew she wanted to honor Mister Bobo, so started to make these amazing toys! She was even awarded the "people's choice" at the 2021 Montgomery CEO trade show, and has continued to sell at local markets and events.


Over the past 3 years, we have improved our toys and created many new types of toys, so that dogs of any size and play style can play with our toys! We even make toys or K9 units. Even though she is a full time college student now, Maia (and her puppy, Maggie) still comes home almost every weekend and works all summer on these toys!

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