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Are they indestructable?

No, our toys are not indestructible - nothing is! With enough time and determination, dogs can chew through anything. However, they are the longest-lasting, most durable soft dog toys that you'll ever buy. We have had dozens of customers claim that their toys lasted between 1-2 years, even with the heaviest of chewers! Thus far, we have not had any complaints about our toys due to our excellent quality control, high-quality materials, and amazing craftmanship. 

What are they made of?

All of our toys are made with recycled firehose rom local fire departments, so some may have scorch marks or minor defects. However, each piece is washed several times. Then, depending on the type of toy, they are stuffed with polyester filling, KONG brand squeakers, recycled water bottles, pool noodle, or nothing at all! The ends are made with mil-spec polyester webbing and thread. 

Where can I buy one?

Our toys are available to purchase online all the time, or during events around central Illinois! Make sure to follow our  Facebook to keep up to date with where we are at! You can also contact us on Facebook Messenger or using the chat feature on here to arrange a delivery.

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