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Introducing Bobo's Large Flatty Toy, the perfect playtime companion for dogs that love interactive games and pet parents concerned about potential choking hazards. Handcrafted from recycled double jacket firehose sourced from local fire departments in central Illinois, this toy combines safety and fun in one delightful package.


Key Features:

1. Playful Tug of War: Bobo's Large Flatty Toy is designed for dogs that enjoy engaging in a spirited game of tug of war. Its flat, elongated shape makes it easy for dogs to grip and pull, providing hours of interactive playtime and bonding opportunities.


2. Whip and Shake Fun: This toy is ideal for dogs that love whipping their heads around during play. The flexible yet durable construction allows for exciting, dynamic movement, captivating your pup's attention and keeping them entertained.


3. Choking Hazard-Free Design: The absence of internal stuffing or squeakers in Bobo's Large Flatty Toy ensures a worry-free play experience. Pet parents concerned about their pup tearing out potential choking hazards can rest easy, knowing this toy prioritizes safety without compromising on enjoyment.


4. Size Matters: With a large size (12-18 inches), this toy is suitable for large-sized dogs and provides ample length for tug of war battles and energetic play sessions. It's a versatile option that accommodates a range of play styles and preferences.


5. Craftsmanship: Each Bobo's Large Flatty Toy is meticulously handcrafted using recycled firehose material, reflecting our commitment to quality and sustainability. The sturdy construction ensures long-lasting durability, even during the most vigorous play.


Product Specifications:

Toy Type: Flatty

Size: Large (12-18 inches)

Material: Recycled double jacket firehose

Construction: Handcrafted with care

  • Note: As our toys are crafted from recycled firehose, each piece may have unique markings and variations, adding to its character and authenticity.


Unleash the joy of interactive playtime with Bobo's Large Flatty Toy. Whether it's a spirited game of tug of war, energetic head-whipping fun, or peace of mind regarding potential choking hazards, this toy delivers on all fronts. Crafted from recycled firehose, it's a sustainable choice that ensures durability and safety for your pup's enjoyment. Get ready to witness your furry friend's excitement and engagement soar with this versatile and engaging toy.


Large Flatty Toy

  • Due to the recycled and handcrafted nature of our toys, each toy is a little different! Blemishes and minor imperfections will not be refunded. However, we promise that this will be the longest lasting soft dog toy that you will ever buy! If you are unhappy with our product, please email us or reach out with your concerns and photos of the toy, and we will make it up to you!

  • We try our hardest to keep up with demands, so orders tend to be shipped within 1-3 days. However, if we need to more toys, it may take up to two weeks. 

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