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Indulge your canine companion with Bobo's Small Sawftie Toy, a chewable delight designed for dogs that enjoy a satisfying gnaw. Lovingly handcrafted from recycled double jacket fire hose sourced from local fire departments in central Illinois, this toy combines durability and comfort in one.


Key Features:

1. Meaty Feel: Bobo's Small Sawftie Toy offers a unique meaty feel that appeals to dogs' natural chewing instincts. Its texture provides a satisfying and engaging experience, keeping your pup entertained for hours.


2. Perfect for Chewers: If your dog loves to chew, Bobo's Small Sawftie Toy is an excellent choice. The durable construction and high-quality materials ensure it can withstand rigorous gnawing sessions, making it a reliable companion for avid chewers.


3. Customizable Firmness: Each Bobo's Small Sawftie Toy is hand-stuffed, resulting in slight variations in firmness. If you have specific preferences, you can request your desired firmness level in the order notes. This personalization ensures your dog receives a toy that suits their chewing style.


4. Size Matters: With a small size (6 inches), this toy strikes the perfect balance between manageability and chewability. It's suitable for small-sized (<25 lbs) dogs, providing them with a comfortable and engaging chewing experience.


5. Craftsmanship: We take pride in our craftsmanship. Each Bobo's Small Sawftie Toy is meticulously hand-stuffed using made in the USA polyester filling, ensuring quality and attention to detail in every toy we create.


Product Specifications:

Toy Type: Sawftie

Size: Small (6 inches)

Material: Recycled double jacket fire hose

Filling: Made in the USA polyester filling

Construction: Handcrafted with care

  • Note: As each Bobo's Small Sawftie Toy is handmade, variations in firmness may occur. Please include your desired firmness level in the order notes for a personalized experience.


Treat your furry friend to the satisfying chew experience they crave with Bobo's Small Sawftie Toy. Crafted from recycled firehose, it not only supports local fire departments but also offers a durable and comforting toy for your dog's chewing pleasure. With its meaty feel, customizable firmness, and impeccable craftsmanship, this toy is sure to become your pup's go-to companion during their chewing adventures.

Small Sawftie Toy

  • Due to the recycled and handcrafted nature of our toys, each toy is a little different! Blemishes and minor imperfections will not be refunded. However, we promise that this will be the longest lasting soft dog toy that you will ever buy! If you are unhappy with our product, please email us or reach out with your concerns and photos of the toy, and we will make it up to you!

  • We try our hardest to keep up with demands, so orders tend to be shipped within 1-3 days. However, if we need to more toys, it may take up to two weeks. 

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